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Completed Films

Animated Feature Films completed


The studio will take care of all animation stages for the upcoming feature film, Butterfly Tale.


The movie is a tale of adventure, self-realization and heroism told with humor whose message is that differences are less important than the bonds we share, and it is in adversity that our true character shines through.



The studio completed all the animation stages of the feature film Racetime as well as the 5D VR experience installed at the Grevin Museum, in Montreal.


Racetime is the sequel to the highly successful Snowtime! and tells the story of a spectacular sled race.


Release date in theaters:

December 7th 2018

Singing Frog Studio completed every steps of the animated feature film Snowtime! from storyboard through design, animation and compositing to final images.


The story takes place in a small village where a long snowball fight will take place during the winter holidays.


Release date in theaters:

November 13th 2015



The studio handled preproduction and supervised all animation and 3d stereoscopic aspects of the film; the first 100% Quebec stereoscopic 3D animated movie.


It is the story of an initiatory journey where three young Inuit set off in search of Sarila, a promised land, in order to save their clan from famine.

Release date in theaters:

February 22nd 2013

Series Completed

Animated Series completed



The studio completed all stages of the animation of  Double Dribble, a web series
of 10 X 2-minute episodes.


The series features two Sasquatch brothers and sisters who live in the Far North and who love to play basketball.


Date of first broadcast:

coming soon


The studio was responsible for all stages of the 2D animation of the 10 episodes of 2-minute web-series broadcasted on and Yoopa.


NCK Backstage is an animated comedy for kids about a pop group on the rise to stardom!


Date of first broadcast:

March 2020


The studio was responsible for all stages of the animation of the 26-episodes of 11-minute television series that aired on Teletoon, TreeHouse, and Disney Channel. Also, the
studio made 6 VR 360 video clips featuring the
4 characters accompanied by the music
of the series.


For Violet, Tomas, Sami and Kiki, every aspect of life is fun and games, there is nothing they love more than playing outside!


Date of first broadcast:

September 1st 2018


The studio provided all storyboards for the
78-episode 2D television series that aired
on TFO and SRC.


In each episode, Little White Rabbit tells the story of the “first times” he has accomplished.


Date of first broadcast:

September 20th 2010


The studio handled the 2D designs of the characters and props, the design of the 3D locations and layouts as well as the production of digital components required for the website of the 52 episodes of 11 minutes TV series.


It’s the story of four teenagers in an alternative school who must find their place and forge their own identity.


Date of first broadcast:

September 12th 2010

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